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Pilates for Spinal Surgery

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Back pain is still the most prevalent illness in the world today. Those that progress to surgery are often complex in the nature of their back pain, and as such can greatly benefit from a specific program to ensure it is safe and effective for the specific surgical considerations.

This online course will guide you through the development of a reasoned Pilates program for anyone pre- or post-spinal surgery.

In addition to developing appropriate Pilates programs for the spinal surgery population, the course discusses the three most prominent surgeries: laminectomy, discectomy, and fusion.  You will reviews why one type of surgery may be chosen over another, and learn about the implications that each surgery type has to various rehabilitation options.

This online course will take you through the relevant exercises from day 1 through to 6 weeks post surgery, where most restrictions are removed. It will then review the most relevant objectives of the rehabilitation program, along with the exercise used to achieve these.

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