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Resistance Band Training - Online

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This online course will provide you with a full program of safe and functional rehab exercises using the resistance band as an external load for strengthening.  It is perfect for physiotherapists, movement coaches, personal trainers and Pilates Instructors who work with clients individually or teach small groups.  

The repertoire delivered in this online course is a perfect addition to your client's home exercise program for rehab or fitness, the repertoire of exercises can be performed anywhere there is room for a mat and a secure place to attach a resistance band.

Equipment: You will need a Pilates band or tube to complete this course.   If you require a resistance band you can purchase a set here.

Course duration: 6-8hrs to complete 

CPD hours:  You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course stating 8hrs CPD which can be used towards your annual requirements.  

Once enrolled you have unlimited access to this online course. 

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This online course is a highly practical program that demonstrates exercises that can be implemented safely for a full-body workout.

At the completion of the course, you will have a whole range of exercises to use with the external load provided by the resistance band. The exercises provide resistance for both the upper and lower limbs providing a full-body workout. 

The content can be used in the clinic, private rehab sessions and even in a small class setting if there are multiple anchor points or a Barre to tether the band too.  The exercises can also be used easily for home rehab and fitness. 

The course information is delivered in a way that enables you to incorporate your new skills the very next day in your practice.

Why do this course?

After we have centered a client’s movement and created strength with bodyweight, it is essential to continue their rehab by adding external load and movement variation. We need to address fundamental movement patterns such as push, pull and twist and then work with tempo, range, power, and complexity. This program will help you further your rehab repertoire and assist in clients return to full activity.  It can easily be replicated for home practice or performed in small sessions for the clinic or gym as a full-body workout.


What does this course cover? 

The course content is divided into six modules 

The exercises are taught in various positions and orientations to gravity, therefore creating versatility in movement repertoire. The larger the range of movement options we have to choose from to perform a task, the less likely we are going to be injured.

The exercises will cover the following positions; 

Supine, seated, prone, side-lying, kneeling and standing.

The exercises address core strength and the primal movement patterns of push, pull, twist, squat, lunge, hinge and balance.


Sally was born and educated in the UK and commenced her working career as a professional dancer. Following a sudden retirement due to knee surgery, she commenced her journey in physiotherapy and exercise rehab in 2002. It was at this time that she qualified in Pilates and realised the immense benefits from this form of exercise training. Her Sydney based business 'Pro-align' integrates clinical Pilates with functional corrective exercise working on both a preventative and corrective health & movement model. She is honoured to be able to share her love of the pilates method working with APPI in Australia.