Melanie Orchard

Melanie is a fully certified APPI Matwork Instructor and an Equipment Pilates Instructor.


Since qualifying in the UK, Melanie has worked closely with both amateur and professional sports teams. She has worked with younger athletes under the Sport England talented athlete sponsorship scheme (TASS) and ran the University of Hertfordshire athletes clinic.


Her clinical practice is built around a focus on injury prevention and treatment using manual techniques including dry needling/acupuncture to restore movement patterns.


A former professional dancer and keen sport women, Melanie uses her Pilates and sporting knowledge to create individualized, sports specific rehabilitation treatment programs.


Melanie enjoys treating all injuries and has worked closely with the following sports swimming, triathlon, beach volley ball, athletics, dancing, soccer, and rugby.


She is looking forward to more challenges this year as she commences a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy.


240 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove, QLD, 4060