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Rachele Quested

CLINICAL WORKSHOPS & APPI PILATES COURSE EDUCATOR Rachele Quested is a final year medical student at the University of Queensland, an APA Sports Titled Physiotherapist and an experienced Pilates teacher. She has taught on the Sports Physiotherapy program at UQ and currently works part time for the Queensland Ballet. Rachele has worked extensively with many athletes from a wide variety of sports during her career, which has included 5 years at the Royal Ballet Upper School in Covent Garden, touring with England Netball, Swimming and Triathlon as well as working in Premiership Rugby. Her interests have been screening and injury prevention as well as rehabilitation. Rachele has written articles and courses for PhysioFirst in the UK, the APA here, a variety of Journals and presented widely at conferences on topics such as Athlete Screening, Hip and Foot conditions and the Dancing Athlete. “Rachele was a brilliant teacher” Jane Paul “Rachele was fantastic. Very knowledgeable – great application to sports” Jennifer Andrews