APPI Pilates teacher training courses in Melbourne

Become a Pilates Instructor in Melbourne with the world’s leading certification from APPI.


The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) Pilates teacher training program is an internationally recognised Pilates Instructor training course. 

Your dream of becoming a Pilates instructor can become a reality when you enrol to study at APPI in Melbourne - the world’s leading teacher training provider.

Are you looking for a change in career and have a passion for Pilates? Then you have come to the right place. Here at Unite Health, our mission is to train Pilates instructors who have the highest level of knowledge, and competence in the industry. Every day, we help people like you to undertake a life-changing journey on the road to becoming a Pilates instructor in Melbourne.

Your Pilates teacher training journey starts here, with the most in-depth and comprehensive Pilates instructor course in Melbourne. APPI Pilates teacher training is specifically designed by physiotherapists and allied health professionals ensuring the highest quality of education. Our Pilates Instructor Certification will give you all the tools you need to thrive in your future career.

No healthcare background? No problem!

APPI Pilates teacher training is for everyone. Our APPI Pilates Instructor Certification is designed for those with no previous Pilates or fitness training. So whatever your background and whatever your career goals, we’ll be able to guide and support you. We’re dedicated to training outstanding Pilates instructors who have a full understanding of the anatomy and physiology behind each move.



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Why our clinical Pilates instructor courses are in high demand by Melbourne allied health professionals

The APPI Clinical course stream in Melbourne has been specifically designed by physiotherapists and allied health professionals to be used in a clinical setting. Our Pilates instructor courses in Melbourne are the ideal training choice for those working in a clinical environment and want to extend the scope of their practice. 

It has a trusted repertoire of exercises, with safety and rehabilitation at the forefront of each exercise. The APPI program has been running since 2000, and it is because of its success and popularity, that it is now offered in 21 countries internationally. If you complete the APPI Clinical Pilates Certification, you will be amongst a huge community of like-minded health professionals, which can open up a world of networking and professional opportunities.

APPI's Clinical Pilates courses are specifically designed for allied health professionals (Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Exercise Physiologists, etc). For this reason, the training is delivered at the postgraduate level and the basics of anatomy and physiology are presumed knowledge. This means more time can be dedicated to teaching Pilates rather than re-hashing basic information that has been previously covered at university.



Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training in Melbourne

APPI Pilates training is Australia's number 1 Pilates training course provider. An APPI Pilates teacher training certification in Melbourne will provide you with the necessary skills to become a qualified pilates instructor, whether you’re building upon your existing knowledge as an allied health professional, or simply starting out as a fitness enthusiast.


World-Class Pilates Instructors in Melbourne

Unite Health’s Pilates teacher training program in Melbourne is a comprehensive course delivered face-to-face, emphasising hands-on instruction.


What makes our Pilates courses in Melbourne different?

Unite Health is the sole provider of APPI Pilates training in Australia meaning that when you train with us, you’ll be gaining an internationally recognised certification while enhancing your career opportunities. We have been training people for more than 20 years in over 21 countries, and have an ever-growing community of over 50,000 APPI Pilates instructors around the world. We’d love you to join this community, and experience all the benefits and joys that come with the life-long journey that is Pilates.



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