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Sindy Rollins

Sindy RollinsSindy has been a presenter with the APPI since 2012 teaching the matwork certification series and ante and post natal pilates course and assisting on the equipment series in Perth WA. She is passionate about clear clinical reasoning and the promotion of excellent communication skills in order to ensure effective application of the teaching methodology. Her aims are to bring further CPD courses over to the west coast and promote APPI methodology to the student body.


"There is no greater pleasure than helping people to move with freedom and without fear of consequence.


I have a passion for movement and am always impressed by how amazing our bodies are.  Sometimes we must take a step back and review how we are utilizing them to get the best from them. 


I have spent more than 20 years learning and assisting people back to function.  I have rehabilitated people from the hospital bed all the way up to the elite sports arena and military operations.  My aim is to help people return to a level of activity they find rewarding and bring back the joy of movement.   


Why I love being a physio


I get to help people return to activity; have fun while training; and share the knowledge as I go. 


My tool kit:

APPI presenter WA

Certified Australian physiotherapy and Pilates institute Instructor

Pilates for Scoliosis

Pilates for Ante/post natal rehabilitation

BSc. Hons Physiotherapy Brunel University

PGDip Neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy Cardiff University

Full Member of the Musculoskeletal association of chartered Physiotherapists (MACP)

Special interest in Shoulder rehabilitation and pelvic health.


On a personal note:

I have two incredible children and an amazing hubby Chris.  We run the mayfly health group in Perth WA, and currently have 4 clinics, Oxford street health group, Berigan, Atwell and Carousel physiotherapy.

I now maintain my fitness through Pilates, HIT, running, dog walking, horse riding, cycling, swimming and keeping up with 2 young children.  I am at my happiest surrounded by my family, animals and friends in the great outdoors."