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What is the difference between the APPI and other Pilates training schools?


APPI offers one of the most comprehensive and diverse Pilates training available. Our key difference is empowering you with a structure of clear clinical reasoning on your choice of Pilates exercise. We do not teach you just a series of movements that you give to everyone. We teach you to think for yourself based around our key 5 Stage Rehabilitation model. 

Our training is broken down into two categories: Clinical Pilates courses for allied health professionals and the APPI Pilates Instructor Certification for those with no healthcare background.

So what makes APPI different to general Pilates training on the market?


  • For APPI's Clinical Pilates courses for allied health professionals, students must have a degree-level qualification Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Medicine, Sports Science, Myotherapy, etc. For this reason, the training is pitched at postgraduate level and the basics of anatomy, physiology, postural assessment etc are all presumed knowledge, so more time can be spent teaching Pilates rather than re-hashing basic information that has been previously covered at university.


  • Our training is flexible, meaning you can complete your certification in a matter of weeks if you have a need to get qualified quickly, or you can space out your training at a slower pace to fit around your other commitments. You have 2 years in total to complete your training. 


  • APPI is an international brand. With its head office based in London APPI is the leading choice for Pilates in the UK and all throughout Europe.  APPI's training courses are on offer in 14 different countries. So if you choose to travel and work overseas, APPI is a well-recognised name in the Pilates industry.


  • APPI's courses are designed AND delivered by Physiotherapists. All our trainers are highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapists and are at the forefront of the their respective fields. Knowing you will graduate having been taught by the best in your industry will equip you with the confidence to be an outstanding Pilates Instructor. 


  • APPI training is face to face courses for practical hands-on training. Whilst many training providers offer predominantly online learning, we firmly believe that Pilates training cannot be delivered online; that you have to experience the benefits of it to understand the method. That is why APPI offers the highest number of face to face training hours within the industry. 


  • APPI training allows you to learn to teach 1-on-1 AS WELL AS group Pilates classes. APPI training teaches a full spectrum of movements that is relevant for teaching both individuals and groups in the health and fitness setting.


Whether you are a health professional looking to upskill in Pilates or someone looking pursue a new career in teaching Pilates, APPI training will offer you training to suit your individual needs.


Did you know we offer free one on one consultations? 

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