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APPI Intermediate Matwork DVD

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Welcome to the APPI Pilates Intermediate matwork workout. Taught by Elisa Withers, Physiotherapist and co-founder of the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI).

The APPI Intermediate Pilates Programme is designed to balance, align and strengthen the body to prevent injuries as well as restore the body to its absolute best after injury.

A fantastic range of movements to target all areas of your body and improve postural alignment, mobility, strength and flexibility will see you moving with greater ease, grace and confidence.

Master the entire class from beginning to end or simply select a section to focus your practice on for the day. When you have mastered this workout, you can progress to the next advanced level matwork class.

Five easy to follow sections including:

  • pelvic stability
  • abdominals
  • gluteals
  • upper stability and strength
  • stretch and mobility

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