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APPI Reformer Pilates DVD

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Get ready for your introduction to the reformer with this beginner to intermediate workout based entirely on the Reformer. Taught by APPI Master trainer and Physiotherapist Melanie Bryant and exercises demonstrated with the assistance of Nikki Peacock, APPI Presenter and Physiotherapist.

This DVD aims to introduce you to the teaching of some of the more basic movements on the reformer and is set in a class format with a warm up, main body and cool down.

It provides a full body workout focussing on the following:

  • Hip, knee and ankle alignment
  • Pelvic control
  • Abdominal strengthening
  • Arm strengthening and upper body postural awareness
  • Functional recruitment of specific muscle groups

It provides a fun, interactive class to practise the different positions on the reformer and progresses from short levers to longer levers, and from closed kinetic chains to open chain, to allow you to return to upright functional positions. The equipment adds that extra challenge to maintain concentration to facilitate the mind-body connection that Pilates offers!

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