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How much does a Pilates instructor earn?


A career in the Pilates industry is both rewarding and flexible and has great earning potential.How much a Pilates Instructor earns may vary depending on the rates different studios offer.  Generally, this can be anywhere between $35 - $70 per hour. 

There is also the opportunity for self employment, where an instructor can develop their own classes and therefore choose their own rates in terms of how much they would like to charge participants to join in! 

The great thing about teaching Pilates is that it is hugely flexible in terms of how much you would like to teach. Some instructors teach for only a few hours a week, on top of their full time work, and therefore earn more of a supplementary income from their teaching, and others enjoy teaching Pilates as their main line of work and therefore earn a Full-Time income from it. If you own your own studio your earning potential can increase to 100k plus. 



For health professionals, adding clinical Pilates to the services you offer is a great way of capturing new clients, retaining current clients and it can be implemented for a low cost. 

Pilates classes enable clients to further develop their own body awareness and independence from one to one treatments. After a client has recovered or in conjunction with their one-on-one sessions with you, instead of sending them off to another health professional why not continue to offer your services. You will already be familiar with your client and their injuries, so you will easily be able to modify the exercises to best suit their needs.

You can also attract new clients with your Pilates services. Advertise yourself as a Fully Certified APPI Pilates Instructor and qualified health professional. To find out more read our articles 'Increase your profits with Pilates' and 'Grow your clinic with Pilates classes'.