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Increase your clinic's profits with Pilates!

Increase your clinic's profits with Pilates!
Do you want to increase your clinics profits?? Adding clinical Pilates to the services you offer is a great way of capturing new clients, retaining current clients and it can be implemented for a low cost. Improve client outcomes & retention rates Pilates classes enable clients to further develop their own body awareness and independence from one to one treatments. After a client has recovered or in conjunction with their one-on-one sessions with you, instead of sending them off to another health professional why not continue to offer your services. You will already be familiar with your client and their injuries, so you will easily be able to modify the exercises to best suit their needs. A client may also feel more comfortable with you as you have already treated them. You can also include Pilates into your one-on-one sessions and as part of your client’s homework so that they become familiar with the exercises. New revenue source Attract new clients with your Pilates services. Advertise yourself as a Fully Certified APPI Pilates Instructor and qualified physiotherapist to stand out from the local gym or fitness based Pilates studios. Don’t send your clients away when you have the skills to treat them. You have studied the body for 3-5 years to gain your allied health degree and would have passed examinations with a globally recognized Pilates Institute if you complete our training - so promote yourself to stand out. Outlay No hidden costs. The outlay to become an APPI Certified Matwork Instructor is $1,516 (if you book the series as one, you can book the courses separately for the individually price of $595), plus the examination day $150 and if you wish to purchase the course pack for $37. That’s a total of $1,703. We do also recommend to attend some classes yourself so if you attend 5 mat classes at $20 a class that’s and additional $100. This makes the cost under $1,900. Income Start using Pilates immediately. As soon as you have completed APPI Matwork Level 1 you can start working with you clients in a 1-on-1 session using Pilates.
  • For a one-to-one 60 minute clinical Pilates session you can charge anywhere between $90-$120
  • For a 3-on-1 Pilates group session you can charge around $40-$60 (that’s $120-$180 per group of 3)
  • A 60 minute mat class can be priced between $20-$26 (that’s $160 - $208 per class of 8)
  • If you schedule 2 x mat classes a day, 5 days a week you could generate $1,760 revenue. That’s if each class is open to 8 participants who pay around $22 each ($22 x 8 = $176, $176 x 10 classes = $1,760).
Depending on the number of classes you want to offer you could offer a weekly/monthly membership or pack of 5/10 classes to offer a greater discount and incentive to clients to return. Equipment & Marketing Pilates mats can cost anywhere between $20-$60 and you will need 1 for each person in the class – plus the instructor so this is an additional cost to factor in. Remember you can advertise that clients bring their own mats or they can ‘rent’ a mat from the clinic for a $1-2 fee. Adding Clinical Pilates to your website shouldn’t cost anything if you manage this yourself. If you have a web designer check the costs with them. You may like to print some postcards or flyers to use a promotional material. A pack of $250 double sided postcards will cost your around $60. Tell all your current clients about the classes verbally, in your clinics newsletter and also display the class timetable in the clinic. Why not offer current clients a free class or reduced rate for their first class. Timeframe Gaining your APPI Pilates Qualification usually takes between 6 months – 2 years depending on the course dates you choose and when you feel ready to sit your exam. The APPI Matwork Certification requires you to complete the logbook in full before you sit the exam – view the logbook here. If you have any questions please contact us info@unitehealth.com.au View our upcoming course dates now.