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10 reasons to choose APPI Matwork Pilates

10 reasons to choose APPI Matwork Pilates



A great assessment tool to see what exercises your client struggles with and how that relates to their problem and goal. How your client organises themselves without assistance can give you a unique insight into what strategies they may have in place that may be limiting them in getting the most from their body. 



Keep it within the body. Help your clients to move their body without too much outside influence, other than your expert guidance. One of the goals of Pilates is to have a carry over effect on posture and overall muscle balance. If you are teaching mat repertoire to clients they are relying on awareness and their body to achieve the ideal alignment. This may be easier to replicate once they’ve walked through the door.




Its not as easy as it looks. Without equipment to assist the mat based exercises are pretty hard in their entirety. There is no hiding. As an Allied health professional delivering Pilates it is your wonderful task to guide your clients into ideal alignment and challenge them without sacrificing form. The beauty of the mat is that you can break down components of the exercise to make it easier. On the other end of the spectrum you get to provide a whole body, functional and even sport specific program for your high level athletes.



Be creative as you like. APPI repertoire provides a foundation that you can elaborate on based on your speciality and clinical reasoning for the individual in front of you. In a profession which can be all about the the left side of the brain (logic and reasoning) its nice to tap into the other side with a creative flare that is only possible with a firm understanding of the clinical principles which is what makes APPI unique in its course specific to allied health.




Create home exercise programs around repertoire clients learn in your session. Exercises you have assessed, refined and they have practiced in front of you. This increases the chances of them doing it correctly at home and feeling confident enough to continue doing. TIP - film the exercise so they be sure of the technique later on, just in case. Stick figure drawings are so last century! (They can film you on their phone. This saves on sharing large files and they may prefer to see you teaching it!)



Can do anywhere. Let’s start the craze “extreme Pilates” similar to the extreme ironing that was a thing there for a while, because you really can do mat pilates anywhere. Think corporate, think the great outdoors, even family gatherings. A great party trick is to call on your nearest and dearest and give them the gift of efficient movement. Nice surprise when they were expecting the usual catch up.




Can use small equipment for variety. A great way of adding a little something to a Pilates session is small equipment such as magic circle, theraband, sliders, fitball etc. These can assist and resist depending on how you use them and add an extra pizzazz to your exercise prescription.



Can be applied to every discipline of physiotherapy. Respiratory on the ward, aged care in their rooms, plus as part of your musculoskeletal or neurological treatment session. Its a versatile framework to hang whichever physiotherapy hat you choose to wear. Plus great if you decide to move into a different field, you won’t be starting from scratch.



Save on space. You can deliver effective small group classes in a large treatment room and one to one requires no real space at all. 



Keep your bank manager happy. It doesn’t cost much for a mat and a few bits of small equipment. If you do have a reformer you could use the rest of the space for mat use. Utilising both mat and equipment. Giving your clients the best of both worlds. Prepare, challenge and bring attention to an area of focus before adding more complex work on the reformer and vice versa.

… Once you have completed APPI Matwork pilates you are only limited by your imagination.

Stay home and become certified! 

To help you achieve your goals Unite Health has shifted to online learning during this time. Yes, that's right. You now have the opportunity to complete your APPI Clinical Pilates Matwork Certification online at home. 

Our presenters are live in the studio delivering interactive training to you at home via Zoom. You can participate in interactive online learning from the safety of your home, avoid any travel, and work uninterrupted.

You can complete these courses online from anywhere in the world.




You can find out about APPI's Matwork Certification series by downloading a Clinical Pilates info pack. 

The APPI Clinical Pilates Matwork Certification series is the essential Pilates teacher training course for allied health professionals. To find out more about the APPI Matwork Pilates series for and 2020 course dates click here.