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APPI Matwork Level 1-The Foundation

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APPI Matwork Level 1 provides rehabilitation professionals with essential, fundamental knowledge to begin offering modified Pilates to their clients recovering from back pain and other injuries. Drawing upon relevant clinical research, APPI Pilates Matwork Level 1 provides an evidence based approach to teaching Pilates in the clinical setting. Learn a variety of beginner level movements addressing lumbo-pelvic stability, postural education, correct movement patterning and body awareness. This highly practical two-day Pilates course will arm you with the necessary skills to immediately incorporate your new knowledge into working practice!

Completing APPI Pilates Matwork Level 1 is the first step to becoming a APPI Pilates matwork instructor and precedes Matwork Level 2 and Matwork Level 3 in APPI’s Matwork Certification Series.

Course sessions

Location Address Dates
Victoria Unite Health - STUDENT COURSE. 18 St Edmonds Road, Prahran. 9am-5pm each day. Start date: 05 Jan 2019 09:00
End date: 06 Jan 2019 17:00
Victoria Unite Health - 18 St Edmonds Road, Prahran, VIC, 3181. 9am-5pm each day Start date: 02 Feb 2019 09:00
End date: 03 Feb 2019 17:00
New South Wales Balmain Sports Medicine - 104/108 Victoria Rd, Rozelle NSW 2039. 9am-5pm each day Start date: 09 Feb 2019 09:00
End date: 10 Feb 2019 17:00
Victoria Level 1, Ballarat City Rowing Club, Wendouree Parade, 3350 Start date: 23 Feb 2019 09:00
End date: 24 Feb 2019 17:00
Other Level 1, 334 Ponsonby Rd, Three Lamps, Ponsonby, Auckland Start date: 02 Mar 2019 09:09
End date: 03 Mar 2019 17:00
Queensland Forge Pilates 249 Montague Road, West End, QLD 4101 Courses run 9am-5pm each day Start date: 09 Mar 2019 09:00
End date: 10 Mar 2019 17:00
Victoria Unite Health - 18 St Edmonds Road, Prahran, VIC, 3181. 9am-5pm each day Start date: 16 Mar 2019 09:00
End date: 17 Mar 2019 17:00
South Australia Align Health Solutions, 2 Carrington Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000. 9am - 5pm each day. Start date: 23 Mar 2019 09:00
End date: 24 Mar 2019 17:00
Western Australia Oxford Street Health Group, 396 Oxford Street, Mount Hawthorn 6016, 9am-5pm each day Start date: 06 Apr 2019 09:00
End date: 07 Apr 2019 17:00
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This video demonstrates Double Table Top Prep, a fundamental pilates exercise taught on APPI's Matwork Level 1.  This is an imperative part of any Pilates programme to be introduced before teaching clients intermediate and advanced exercises in the commonly utilised Pilates position of double table top.  A progression and regression are demonstrated.




This video demonstrates Shoulder Bridge, another useful Pilates exercise taught on APPI's Matwork Level 1 Pilates teacher training course. This exercise is great for mobilising the lumbar and thoracic spine, as well as activating gluteal and adductor muscle groups.  The video shows some of the variations that you will learn on APPI Pilates Matwork Level 1. 




Designed by Australian physiotherapists for physiotherapists and equivalent degree therapists, the APPI Pilates Method presents the most recent research relevant to Pilates and teaches a realistic framework of Pilates exercises to apply in the clinical setting. The five key Pilates elements of the APPI Pilates approach are taught to develop solid foundations for Pilates teaching.  Recent research on spinal stabilisation and pelvic stability is reviewed and applied to the APPI beginner series of Pilates movements. Twenty-two movements for training lumbo-pelvic, scapulo-thoracic and cervical stabilisation are learnt through observation, self-participation and practice teaching.


Discussions of clinical application of the Pilates movements occur at the time of their teaching to provide participants with the understanding to be able to teach these exercises to patients and clients after the course.  Case studies are reviewed and participants have the chance to design and discuss their own treatment plans. A guided workshop on Pilates imagery assists participants in generating the skills required for effective cueing.


On competition of Matwork Level 1 you are eligible to complete the remaining levels of the Matwork Certification Series, the Equipment Certification Series and range of CPD Pilates courses.

Course preparation:

  • Attend some Pilates mat classes to become familiar with the Pilates method prior to commencing your study. 
  • Download and print off the APPI Matwork Certification Log book that can be accessed once you are enrolled onto our online portal to become familiar with all certification requirements, which will be discussed in detail on the course. Please bring this document with you to each course for the course presenter to sign off your attendance. Please note the logbook is to be completed alongside your training and does not need to be completed in full until you sit your certification exam.
  • Included in the logbook is a list of recommended reading articles, articles can be sourced independently or a printed and bound copy can be purchased online through our shop.

Learning resources: 

  • We highly recommend viewing the APPI Pilates for Low Back Pain DVD prior to course attendance to become familiar with the APPI teaching style. This DVD includes the five APPI Pilates key elements as well as a 50-minute class. This can be purchased online through our shop.
  • The recommended reading articles and Pilates for Low Back Pain DVD can be purchased as a course pack saving you 10%, visit our shop.
  • In order for your products to arrive before the course we advise ordering at least 7 days prior to allow sufficient time for delivery.

APPI Matwork Level 1-The Foundation is the first step in the APPI Matwork Certification Series.  The APPI Matwork Certification Series is the essential teacher training tool for allied health professionals. Book the APPI Pilates Matwork Certification Series (Levels 1-3) and receive over $300 in savings.  


APPI Matwork Level 2 – Class Instructor
Matwork Level 2 focuses solely on group instruction and will give you the tools to begin taking your own Pilates classes. On this course you will learn warm-up and cool-down exercise, how to effectively sequence movements and develop class plans. You will review marketing techniques and develop your Pilates teaching script. You will also participate in small equipment workshops and begin developing 6 week class programs.


APPI Matwork Level 3 – Intermediate / Advanced
Matwork Level 3 builds upon the movements, understanding, cueing skills and exercise selection framework of Matwork Level 1.  Workshops on cueing, working with challenging clients, small equipment and the Pilates teaching script will be covered over the weekend.  Through self-practice, practice teaching, workshops and lectures you will develop your teaching skills and ability to plan Pilates programs. 12 new intermediate/advanced Pilates exercises are taught to widen your repertoire.


To gain your APPI Pilates Qualification you are also required to complete the APPI Matwork Certification Logbook and pass the APPI Matwork Certification Exam. Please note the logbook is to be completed alongside your training and does not need to be completed in full until you sit your certification exam.

APPI Pilates training is open to degree qualified health professionals including Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Osteopaths, Sports Scientists, Chiropractors, Rehabilitation Therapists, Doctors, Degree qualified Myotherapists and Physiotherapy students. If you hold a qualification outside the above please contact us directly.

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