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2020 - An opportunity to reconnect and honour our internal and external wellness.

2020 - An opportunity to reconnect and honour our internal and external wellness.

Pilates Instructor, Renee Drochmann shares why she believes 2020 has presented us an opportunity to reconnect and honour our internal and external wellness. 

2020! Need I say more?

What a year. If the bushfires weren’t enough we were given an extra dose of hardship with a global pandemic that abruptly forced humanity into a newly adjusted life indoors, leaving us to wave bye-bye to our favourite boutique studios and our sweaty indoor gyms. Of course, in the interest of public safety, these sacrifices were essential in order to protect those we care about. 

But where did that leave us? What did this new adjusted routine look like for our own personal exercise and mindfulness?

Although the pandemic has limited our access to usual outdoor activities, now more than ever, it’s important we pay attention to our bodies and remain active with new, creative routines. Through all the turmoil and uncertainty, Pilates for me has been an absolute saviour. By gaining access to a little more time to be physically active each day, my mind, body, and immunity have remained connected and healthy, which I have the utmost gratitude for.

As a Pilates instructor, I believe that 2020 has presented Pilates (and other similar practices) an opportunity to make a positive statement in the face of this pandemic. This statement is about self-awareness and reconnecting with ourselves, reconnecting with the part of us that was caught on the hamster wheel pre-pandemic, the part of us that was overworked and under-stimulated, the part of us that sacrificed our health and wellbeing for the rat race. Despite the unexpected times, 2020 is about surrendering to this pandemic and manifesting the positive outcomes we truly desire for the remainder of the year, into 2021 and beyond. 

Of course, this surrender and manifestation is subjective to you in your own unique way but for me personally, it has been pouring my energy into breathwork and improving my core stability because after all, it is the primary powerhouse of the moving body. 

My current daily Pilates flow is focused around developing flexibility, balance, and mind-body connection, which I must say has been leaving me not only feeling invigorated with a full range of movement but has encouraged my spine and pelvic area to become collectively stronger. 

Below I’ve listed four Mat Pilates / Yoga flows, that are designed to help your core strength foundation. The best part is, they’ll take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and no equipment is required. We’re not done yet, 2020!


  1. Bird Dog Crunch - Start in tabletop position, hands directly underneath your shoulders, hips directly above your knees. Extend your left arm straight out in front of you at shoulder height, while simultaneously lifting your right leg and extending it back. Bring your right knee into your hip, simultaneously with your left elbow, then extend out, pelvic floor and core tight. Repeat and alternate sides, making sure your body is lengthened from fingertips to toes.                                           (Repeat 10 X each side - 3 X sets)


  1. Down Dog Crunch – Starting in downward dog position, with your arms and legs straight and your hips up and back (bend the knees if required). Bring your right knee and complete a slow, controlled ab crunch towards your right elbow, extend your right leg up and back. Return to downward dog for a stretch and repeat, alternating sides.        (Repeat 10 X each side - 3 X sets)

  1. Table Top Plank Walk Back - Start in tabletop position, hands directly underneath your shoulders, hips directly above your knees. Keep your hips tucked and spine flat while you gently walk out to plank position. Return to tabletop starting position in a slow controlled movement, limiting your hip wiggle. (Repeat 10 X - 3 X sets)
  1. Lie faceup with legs in tabletop position, knees above hips, spine pressed to the earth, and fingertips lightly placed behind your ears. Reach your left hand diagonally across your body, simultaneously with a chest crunch and single-leg extension (on the same side) Return to tabletop position and repeat, alternating sides. Remember to keep your spine pressed to the earth at all times. (Repeat 10 X - 3 X sets)

These exercises will help to revive your body’s natural alignment and allow the mind, soul, and body to find their natural connection and flow. The best part is that these movements can be done at home OR in the park (if you’re lucky). By incorporating core movements such as the ones above you’ll be saying hello to a stronger core and pelvic floor. Remember, any movement is good movement, and that this time indoors is a chance to rejuvenate, reconnect, and focus on your overall wellness.  

A friendly reminder to be kind to yourself set mindful intentions, and live each day in a fulfilling way.

Renee X

@hungrybeargrazing - Pilates Instructor and Unite Health Marketing Manager