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Our Online Pilates Instructors wear Pebbles Pilates

Our Online Pilates Instructors wear Pebbles Pilates

We hope our Unite Health community are staying safe during this time. To give back to our community we are currently running free live APPI Pilates classes run by APPI Pilates course instructors/ educators. 

Jac, one of our instructors, wears the Pebbles mini body 

Free Live Appi Pilates Class on Instagram

Join us each week on Instagram for a free live APPI Pilates class. Let us practice some safe Pilates movement together for an hour and remind ourselves how good our bodies can feel.

When: Times vary each week. Make sure you are following Unite Health's Instagram for class times. These classes are also available on our IGTV. 
Where: Instagram live


Pebbles Pilates - 15% off

For the next few weeks, our course educators will be wearing Pebbles Pilates gear. Pebbles Pilates was born from the love of Pilates and to offer timeless sportswear designed for your female body in motion.

Pebbles Pilates iconic pieces are designed in Stockholm, Sweden, a country known for its simplicity and minimalist fashion design. Produced with a unique knitting technique and craftsmanship for the love of Pilates and the body in motion. 

Our Pilates Instructors/course educators absolutely adore wearing Pebbles Pilates when teaching for both quality and comfort (and because they feel fabulous wearing them too). 

Pebbles Pilates are giving the Unite Health community 15% off their stunning gear. Simply use the code "unitehealth15" at checkout. You can view their range here: Pebbles Pilates