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How to teach a transversus abdominis contraction- free resource

One of our APPI Pilates Master trainers takes you through how to teach an effective transversus abdominis contraction to your clients.

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Shoulder Postural assessment

Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and APPI Australia Master Trainer Kathryn Anderson talks you through a Postural assessment of the shoulder

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Squat for Lumbo pelvic assessment : Free resource

Join Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and APPI Australia Master Trainer Kathryn Anderson as she takes you through how to teach a squat for lumbo-pelvic asses...

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Single Leg Stance - Free resource

APPI Pilates Master Trainer Kathryn Anderson talks you through the Single Leg Stance. This free resource has been designed for physiotherapy students. 

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Postural Assessment - Free resource

To perform a postural assessment precisely and comprehensively a clinician must follow a systematic approach to viewing the clients anatomical alignment relativ...

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Lumbo-Pelvic Stability Sequence - Free resource

APPI Pilates Presenter Sophie Contreras takes you through an online Pilates class incorporating a lumbo-pelvic stability sequence. Designed for Physiotherapy students.

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