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How a Clinical Pilates Certification can improve your earning potential as an allied health professional

How a Clinical Pilates Certification can improve your earning potential as an allied health professional

As an allied health professional, you dedicate your life to supporting the health and wellbeing of others. You commit endless time learning, upskilling, practising, working with patients – yet often, the financial payoff doesn’t accurately reflect all the time and effort you contribute to your field. However, there is a way to begin to shift your earning potential upwards, to start charging prices that better align with the skills and qualifications you’ve worked so tirelessly to achieve. And one of the best ways to do so is by obtaining your APPI Clinical Pilates Certification. Here’s how completing this well-renowned, industry-recognised practical certification can improve your earning potential.

  1. It improves your expertise.

Whether you work as an osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor, doctor, or somewhere in between, allied health professionals all need an intimate knowledge and understanding of the human body and how it works. The more you learn about the intricacies of bodily systems and functions, muscle activation, posture, rehabilitation and strengthening, the better equipped you become to accommodate a wide variety of needs and conditions presented to you by your patients.

As you’d be very familiar with, every patient is different. Every patient requires a unique approach, individualised treatment options, and a broad skill set and knowledge base in order to accommodate their varying needs.

The APPI Clinical Pilates Certification equips you with a full qualification in both matwork and equipment Pilates, teaching you how to master specific movements and modalities across all four pieces of Pilates equipment. It’s comprehensive and evidence-based, so you’ll learn the clinical reasoning and approaches behind each movement, and how best to use your learnings to address your patient’s needs and individual health goals. (Bonus, you can even claim CPD points for the course to upkeep your insurance and professional development requirements – that’s how well-regarded the course is.)

In short, this course gives you a whole new level of expertise, understanding and mastery of the human body, enhancing your ability to provide top-quality care and support to each of your patients. And naturally, when you increase your skills and your client base, you can increase your prices accordingly… (More on this to come).

  1. It enhances your patients’ trust in your services and ability.

The APPI Clinical Pilates Certification has the most well-regarded reputation within the industry when it comes to Pilates education providers. APPI, or the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, was established more than 20 years ago by two Australian physiotherapists. It began as a clinical-only Pilates provider, with the intention of developing a safer way to implement foundational Pilates movements while still achieving maximum benefit and results from each movement. The course was developed with an emphasis on rehabilitation, injury prevention and strength enhancement, making it the bread and butter to any health professional working with patients.

Unite Health is the only licensed provider of APPI Certification in Australia and New Zealand, meaning if you want the most well-respected Pilates certification in the country, this is your number one option. In opting to complete such an in-depth, evidence-based course, you’ll significantly enhance your patients’ trust in your skills and expertise too. Your patients are much more likely to believe in your ability to support them and their needs if they can easily see evidence of your upskilling and certifications being of the utmost standard and quality. And when it comes to their health, patients are much more willing to pay more for a healthcare provider they trust.

  1. It elevates your treatment outcomes and self-confidence.

Naturally, when you improve your knowledge and skills through the APPI Clinical Pilates Certification, you’re better equipped to deal with a wide range of health concerns and problems from your patients. You’ll also feel more confident in your own ability to adequately treat and manage your patients. All of these factors combined allows you to see enhanced results when working one-on-one in your practice. Not only will your patients feel your improved confidence and notice your expertise in treating whatever condition or problem they present with, they’ll undeniably appreciate the fast and effective results you’re now able to help them obtain from working with you.

 When you’re achieving more effective, efficient results for your patients, and feeling great about yourself and your skills in doing so, you’re much more able to value your services and abilities – and to price yourself accordingly!

  1. You’ll be eligible for more job opportunities!

When you upskill with such a practical, actionable course like the APPI Clinical Pilates Certification, you open yourself up to so many more job opportunities. You can work with a greater range of health conditions and patients, expand your work into the online space, move further into the fitness space than you perhaps work currently. The more potential roles and positions you’re eligible for, the more bargaining power you’ll have. This means not only can you be more selective about the types of roles you want (after all, employers would be lucky to have you!), you can also demand a more appropriate salary or pricing reflective of your hard-earned qualifications and skills. The more certifications and evidence you can provide of your willingness to continue to learn and improve in your work, the easier it becomes to value yourself and your time when you’re looking for a new role that pays the salary you deserve and desire.

When you complete your APPI Clinical Pilates Certification, each of these factors combine to allow you to price your services at a more premium rate, as a reflection of the enhanced level of skill and expertise you’re able to offer. Your patients will be more willing to pay for healthcare they trust and can rely on. And with the chance to elevate your skills, qualifications and confidence in your own ability, both you and your patients will experience greater trust in your services and outcomes. When you’re able to provide a higher standard of care and improved treatment outcomes, you’ll feel much more confident in pricing your services accordingly – and you’ll notice your patients are more willing to pay these higher rates. Plus, your eligibility for a huge variety of job opportunities makes your services more in-demand, allowing you to seek out roles which pay the higher rates you’ve earned and deserve, or to ask your existing employer to pay you according to your extensive qualifications and certifications. As a health professional, you’re actively improving people’s lives – and you deserve to be paid accordingly!

Sign up for the next intake of our APPI Pilates Certification today, to experience these benefits for yourself! Or, you can book a consultation with one of our Pilates Education Experts to discover if the course is right for you and your goals!