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APPI Full Matwork & Equipment Certification Series

$4290.41 inc. GST

SAVE over $1300 by booking the Full Matwork & Equipment Pilates Certification 


Our training includes: 

  • 14 days face to face training (7 x 2-day courses)
  • 5 FREE online Pilates matwork classes ($99 value)
  • 1 FREE online course of your choice ($200 value)
  • Pre-course lectures delivered via our online learning platform 
  • Comprehensive course manuals provided on each level
  • Clinical approach to training that can be immediately implemented
  • All courses delivered by experienced physiotherapists
  • Practical hands-on training 
  • Internationally recognised training in 15 countries worldwide


By booking onto the APPI Full Matwork & Equipment Certification series you can be confident that you are setting yourself up for a rewarding job as a Clinical Pilates Instructor.


Certification breakdown:

Matwork Level 1: Foundation course teaching Pilates principals and beginner repertoire

Matwork Level 2: Focuses solely on enhancing your teaching skills

Matwork Level 3: Offers more advanced repertoire

APPI Matwork Certification Exam: Online theory and practical


Equipment Level 1:  Covers repertoire addressing lumbopelvic stability

Equipment Level 2:  Focuses on the upper and limb scauplo thoracic stability.

Equipment Level 3:  Is all about spinal articulation and stretching

Equipment Level 4:  Looks at higher level full body integration

APPI Equipment Certification Exam: Online theory / Face-to-face practical


Our training is flexible - you can spread it out to suit your schedule - as long as you complete all levels and your exams within two years from the start of your Matwork Level 1 course.

Select TBC for any course dates you are unsure of and book those in at a later date

Package details

Course Sessions
Online Pilates Mat classes Online course
APPI Matwork Level 1-The Foundation
APPI Matwork Level 2 - Class Instructor
APPI Matwork Level 3 - Intermediate / Advanced
APPI Matwork Certification Exam Online course
APPI Equipment Level 1 - Lumbo Pelvic Stabilisation
APPI Equipment Level 2 - Scapulo Thoracic Stabilisation
APPI Equipment Level 3 - Spinal Articulation & Stretching
APPI Equipment Level 4 - Progressions and Planning
APPI Equipment Certification Exam Online course

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APPI Pilates Matwork & Equipment Certification provides comprehensive matwork and equipment pilates training for those working in the clinical setting.  

The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) Matwork & Equipment Certification Series is taught around the world and is recognised amongst health practitioners globally. APPI has spent years developing what is now recognised as the premier international Pilates Rehabilitation program. Founded by Australian Physiotherapists in 1999, The APPI Pilates Method has been designed specifically for use by Physiotherapists and other rehabilitation professionals working in the clinical setting. This comprehensive training will give you all the tools required to teach effectively in the clinical environment but also the confidence to move clients beyond the rehab phase to full health and fitness. 

You can view more information on each course below. 


APPI Matwork Level 1 - The Foundation: This is your foundation course, necessary to continue with the rest of the matwork series and is presumed knowledge when you attend equipment level 1. This course teaches you the Pilates fundamentals and an array of beginner exercises you will continue to draw upon with all your new patients and clientele.


APPI Matwork Level 2- Class Instructor: This practical course is specifically designed to give you the skills and confidence to teach Pilates classes  - group teaching requires a separate skill set to 1:1 teaching which will be explored at length during this session. 


APPI Matwork Level 3- Intermediate / Advanced: This dynamic course teaches repertoire that is a direct continuation of the movements learned during Matwork Level 1.  


APPI Equipment Level 1 - Lumbo Pelvic Stabilsation: APPI’s Equipment Level 1 forms the foundation of your equipment training. You will learn repertoire on the reformer, split pedal chair, cadillac and barrels focussing on lumbo-pelvic stabilisation. 


APPI Equipment Level 2- Sacpulo Thoracic Stabilisation: You will continue to expand your beginner - intermediate repertoire on the large equipment, learning Pilates exercises with a focus on scapulo-thoracic stabilisation. 


APPI Equipment Level 3 - Spinal Articulation and Stretching: On this very popular course, you will explore stretch and articulation on the reformer, cadiallac,  split pedal chair and barrel. 


APPI Equipment Level 4 - Progressions and Planning: The final stage of your equipment training will draw upon the knowledge you have gained in the previous three levels and learn an intermediate-advanced repertoire requiring full body integration. 


APPI Matwork Certification Exam: Once you have attended all three mat work levels and completed your certification logbook you can sit your exams - the theory component is completed online and the practical exam is via video submission. 


APPI Equipment Certification Exam: There are separate exams specific to your equipment training, once again you will complete the theory exam online and the practical exam is done face: face. Other arrangements can be made for examinees living in remote areas. 

Prior to commencing your APPI training, we recommend that you have attended some Pilates sessions, both matwork and equipment to have an awareness of the basics.   Once you enroll onto the certification series, you will be directed to download the certification logbooks for both matwork and equipment where you will log your practice teaching and self-practice hours.  You will also need to get signed off on your personal Pilates class attendance and also observational hours as part of the process. 

Part of your certification involves reading.  There is a reading list of recommended articles that you can source yourself, alternatively, you can purchase them printed and bound through our store.  As a further learning resource, we recommend the APPI Matwork series DVDs and the Reformer DVD to familiarise yourself with the APPI style of teaching. Printed and bound reading articles and DVDs can be found through our store.

Please allow at least  7 working days for delivery of any products.

Once you have attended all three matwork levels, and the four equipment levels, along with your certification logbooks you can complete the exam process.  Once you pass all exams (for both matwork and equipment) and submit all homework and log book requirements, you will become a fully certified APPI Pilates Instructor. APPI Pilates is taught to health and rehabilitation professionals around the world, so you will be entering an international community of certified teachers. You will also have access to the APPI logo to promote yourself as a certified teacher.

APPI Pilates training is designed for Physiotherapists other degree qualified health professionals such as Osteopaths, Exercise Physiologists, Doctors, Sports Scientists, Chiropractors, Rehabilitation Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Degree qualified Myotherapists and Physiotherapy students.  Training is not open to fitness professionals unless you are undertaking further study at undergraduate level. If you hold a qualification outside the above please contact us directly.


For course venue information around the country, please click here.

The below videos go through a sample of movements covered during the complete APPI Matwork and Equipment certification series 


APPI Pilates Matwork Certification Series


APPI Pilates Equipment Certification Series