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How to Level Up as a Pilates Instructor

How to Level Up as a Pilates Instructor


In our recent webinar, ‘How to level up as a Pilates instructor’, we explored the importance of upskilling and truly differentiating yourself in the industry. With Pilates becoming more in-demand by the day both as a career path and a strengthening and rehabilitative workout, it’s never been more important to set yourself apart from the rest when it comes to carving out a financially-rewarding, successful career in Pilates.

Want to hear more? You can listen to the webinar recording here.

No two Pilates instructors are the same. In a competitive industry, it’s important to make the effort to stand out, to improve your skills and enhance your confidence. In doing so, you give yourself the best chance of carving out a successful Pilates career for yourself, you expand your employment opportunities, and you’re better able to set the prices and rates you deserve for your expertise.

But how exactly do you level up as a Pilates instructor, and set yourself apart from the rest? Luckily, we’ve got a simple solution: our mentoring sessions or packages will equip you with the knowledge, practice and skills you need to stand out from the crowd and level up in your work! If you’re currently completing (or thinking of completing in the future) ourAPPI Pilates Instructor Certification, our mentorship options are the icing on the cake when it comes to covering all your bases and getting the most comprehensive, hands-on training available nationwide in the industry! Here’s how our unique program can help you level up. 

  1. Mentorship sessions give you access to our expert APPI Pilates course educators, so you can obtain invaluable, real-time feedback to help you improve your skills.


In our mentorship sessions, you’ll have the chance to work 1-on-1 with our expert APPI Pilates course educators. This means you’ll receive individual, actionable and helpful feedback on your practise and teaching manner from the best in the industry. Not only does this help you hone your craft, fill in any gaps in your teaching practice, and improve your skills in areas that might need a little extra attention, you’ll also receive all of this feedback in a supportive, encouraging environment designed to help you put these suggestions into practice. You’ll be able to ask your educator all the questions you like, and request their help with any skills, types of equipment etc. you’re not as confident with.


  1. You’ll improve your confidence and repertoire immensely.


In having the chance to obtain this useful feedback and have all your questions answered, you’ll also improve your confidence hugely through our mentorship sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to practise all your skills under the guidance and supervision of an expert, plus you’ll have access to our extensive range of Pilates equipment including our top-notch studio, reformers, mats and small props. We’re willing to bet you don’t have all of those at your disposal at home!

In giving yourself extra time to practise your skills on the equipment you’ll be using as a Pilates instructor, you can further cement your abilities and enhance your confidence as you do so. You’ll be able to craft dynamic, varying routines and flows to use when you teach your own classes!

Plus, if there’s any areas which feel a little daunting or out of reach still, you have the chance to practise and practise until they seem less overwhelming – with the support of an expert, once again! For example, if you’re worried about your teaching or communication skills, ask your expert educator to work specifically on these areas with you, so you leave your mentoring session with a newfound confidence, and no more insecurities or doubts about your ability! You deserve to feel self-assured and empowered in your own skill set, knowledge and capability, and by doing additional practice under the guidance of a top expert, you’ll feel exactly that!

  1. They’re a great way to put your learnings from your course into practise in the lead-up to your certification exams.

As we mentioned, these mentorship sessions give you a chance to practise your skills – or, in other words, the opportunity to take all the valuable learnings you’ve obtained during your APPI Pilates Instructor Certification course, and put them into action! It’s one thing to learn how to teach a class effectively in a group instructor-led session, but it’s another thing altogether to put yourself in the deep end and test out your instructor skills on your own, in a 1:1 setting! This is the perfect chance for you to test yourself ahead of your certification exams, to ensure you can walk into your examinations feeling confident and assured in your ability to obtain the result you want! Practice makes perfect – especially when it’s guided by an expert, who can make your time spent practising infinitely more valuable and useful!

You can use your mentor sessions to run through your class plan for your practical exam, making it an excellent opportunity to ask for advice and feedback from an educator before you take the leap and book in your actual exam! Plus, if you’ve missed any content throughout your course or you were unable to attend any course days or weekends, a 1:1 session is perfect to get you up to speed and fill in the gaps!

  1. They’ll help you meet your logbook hours requirements. 

As you know, your APPI Pilates Instructor Certification requires you to complete a certain number of practical hours, recorded in your logbook, in order to become a fully certified Pilates instructor. Luckily for you, your mentorship sessions will count towards your logbook requirements. So you’re getting invaluable feedback and support and working towards completing your course requirements at once – it’s a win, win! 

If mentoring sessions aren’t for you, or you’re looking for additional ways to upskill as a Pilates instructor, we’ve also got you covered here. Some of the other ways you can upskill with Unite Health include:

-    Completing our APPI Clinical Pilates Equipment Certification. Even if you’re not an allied health professional, once you’ve completed your APPI Pilates Instructor Certification you’re now eligible to complete this additional Equipment-based qualification. It will help you further enhance your skillset, expand your reformer knowledge, and even teach you how to effectively use the Cadillac, split pedal chair and arc barrel equipment too, really setting you apart from other instructors by giving you such a broad repertoire and range of expertise.

-    Completing our Ante/Post Natal Pilates Certifications. Again, once you’re certified as a Matwork and Reformer Pilates Instructor (by finishing our APPI Pilates Instructor Certification), you’re also now eligible to upskill with our APPI Ante/Post Natal certifications – both the Mat course, and/or the Reformer course! Expand your potential client base by learning how to cater to ante/post-natal clients. You’ll develop skills to modify movements for the safety of your clients, and adapt your flows to suit their individual stage of life and their body’s needs during this critical time.
We also have an in-person session for the Reformer Ante/Post Natal course coming up very soon in Victoria if that suits your learning style better – you can check out the course here!

Since it really is so important to continue growing and evolving as a Pilates instructor, Unite Health is committed to ensuring we’re always on top of the latest research and Pilates advancements – which means we’ll be launching further upskilling opportunities in the very near future! If you’re interested in exploring the potential avenues to level up in your practise, book in for a consultation with our experts to discover which courses could be right for you and your individual goals! We’re here to guide you towards the most suitable, effective steps to support your professional growth.