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Category : Online Pilates Instructor Courses in Australia

Certificate IV Allied Health Assistance

Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (HLT43015) has been designed for those looking for practical knowledge and to bridge the industry gap between rehabilitation techniques, end·range strength programs and return to work and play protocols.

$ 0.00

APPI Standing Pilates - Online

The APPI Standing Pilates online course introduces a theoretical standing Pilates model and teaches a series of Standing Pilates movements.

$ 400.00 inc. GST

Assess, treat & train the hip and pelvic complex - Online

Learn to assess and treat the hip and pelvic complex.  This online course covers basic level rehabilitation, to higher level functional rehabilitation. Ideal for physiotherapists and movement coaches.

$ 200.00 inc. GST

APPI Pilates Stretch Therapy - Online

This online APPI Pilates course will teach you stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation. 

$ 200.00 inc. GST

APPI Pilates for Scoliosis - Online

The APPI Pilates for Scoliosis online course is a dynamic mix of theory and practical sessions on the use of Pilates in the management of scoliosis.

$ 200.00 inc. GST

Online APC clinical exam preparation course - musculoskeletal

This course is designed as a learning tool specifically for Physiotherapists preparing for the musculoskeletal APC clinical exam. 

$ 200.00 inc. GST

APPI Pilates for Dancers - Online

Explore the requirements of the dancer and the demands of the regime to provide a broad understanding of Pilates-based dance rehabilitation on this online APPI Pilates course.

$ 200.00 inc. GST

APPI Pilates for Spinal Surgery - Online

This online Pilates course will guide you through the development of a reasoned Pilates program for anyone pre- or post-spinal surgery.

$ 200.00 inc. GST