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APPI Pilates for Dancers ONLINE

Explore the requirements of the dancer and the demands of the regime to provide a broad understanding of Pilates-based dance rehabilitation on this online APPI Pilates course.

$ 200.00 inc. GST

Online Pilates Mat classes

Take part in 5 different online Pilates matwork classes from the comfort of your own home. 

$ 200.00 inc. GST

Pilates for Spinal Surgery

This online Pilates course will guide you through the development of a reasoned Pilates program for anyone pre- or post-spinal surgery.

$ 200.00 inc. GST

APPI Online Pilates and Osteoporosis

Pilates for Osteoporosis is an innovative 12 step program that delivers the answer to one of the worlds growing epidemics within healthcare. Worldwide 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer from osteoporotic illness in their lifetime.

$ 200.00 inc. GST

Pilates and Hypermobility online

This online Pilates course will take you through all the issues around working with clients of all ages for hypermobility.

$ 200.00

APPI Pilates and Shoulder Rehabilitation

This online Pilates course is designed to help you apply the principles of the APPI method to shoulder rehabilitation.

$ 200.00 inc. GST

Online Yoga classes

Join Physiotherapist and Yoga teacher Irene Ais as she takes you through 5 different Yoga classes you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home

$ 200.00 inc. GST

APPI Pilates for Kids and Teens - Online

This online Pilates course will help you to incorporate the APPI Pilates methods into different stages of childhood development to create fun and innovative Pilates programs for children and adolescents.

$ 200.00 inc. GST