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APPI Equipment Level 3 - Spinal Articulation & Stretching

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The extreme versatility of the large Pilates equipment really comes into play during APPI Equipment Level 3 which explores articulation and stretching.  During this course you will build upon fundamental movements taught on Equipment Levels 1 and 2. The large Pilates equipment can offer fantastic options for your patients to begin to increase range of motion in a safe and progressive manner.  Imagination is the only limitation to the possible repertoire.  Using the resistance of the springs to support movement, learn how to modify the traditional exercises to safer options for the clinical environment.  We know we need our clients to move, but we also know after injury there can be a lot of apprehension. Using the equipment can really give your clients the confidence they need to progressively move beyond uniplanar movements, an important consideration when attempting to prepare the body to cope with normal and sometimes unpredictable daily movement. 

Course sessions

Location Address Dates
New South Wales Balmain Sports Medicine - 118 Victoria Road, Rozelle NSW 2039. 9am-5pm each day Start date: 18 May 2019 09:00
End date: 19 May 2019 17:00
New South Wales Balmain Sports Medicine - 118 Victoria Road, Rozelle NSW 2039. 9am-5pm each day Start date: 14 Sep 2019 09:00
End date: 15 Sep 2019 17:00
Victoria Unite Health - 18 St Edmonds Road, Prahran, VIC, 3181. 9am-5pm each day Start date: 21 Sep 2019 09:00
End date: 22 Sep 2019 17:00
Victoria Unite Health - 18 St Edmonds Road, Prahran, VIC, 3181. 9am-5pm each day Start date: 08 Oct 2019 09:00
End date: 09 Oct 2019 17:00
South Australia Move for Better Health - 5/259 Unley Road, Malvern, South Australia 5061. Equip courses: 10.30am-5pm Sat & 9am-5pm Sun Start date: 12 Oct 2019 10:30
End date: 13 Oct 2019 17:00
Western Australia ProMotion Physio + Pilates - 9 Leura Avenue, Claremont, WA 6010 9am-5pm each day Start date: 26 Oct 2019 09:00
End date: 27 Oct 2019 17:00
Queensland Q Pilates - 1/ 56 Coonan St Indooroopilly QLD 4068. Course times: 11:30am-6:30pm Saturday, 9am-5pm Sunday Start date: 16 Nov 2019 11:30
End date: 17 Nov 2019 17:00
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APPI Equipment Level 3 includes flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion based movements as well as combined movements and stretches for the reformer, cadillac, split pedal chair and arc barrels are taught and practised. Participants build upon the foundations gained during Equipment Level 1 & Level 2 courses, learning a further twenty-four movements through observation, self-practice and practice teaching.


The clinical application of all movements is discussed throughout teaching and also through a presenter-led workshop in clinical application. Case studies are reviewed and participants have the opportunity to design and discuss their own treatment plans. Visual imagery for fluid spinal movement aims to assist participants to develop their cueing and facilitation skills.

Course preparation:

  • Review your Equipment Level 1 and 2 course manuals
  • Continue to complete your equipment certification log book. Please bring this document with you to each course for the course presenter to sign off your attendance.
  • Complete your homework as discussed on Equipment Level 2 and  Print off the level 3 homework template available through the online portal and bring along with you to the course. 

 Learning resources:

  • If you haven’t yet done so we highly recommend reviewing the recommended reading articles and Pilates for Low Back Pain DVD. These items can be purchased as a course pack saving you 10%, visit our shop.
  • In order for your products to arrive before the course we advise ordering at least 7 days prior to allow sufficient time for delivery.

APPI Equipment Level 3 is the third step in the APPI Equipment Certification Series. Book the Equipment Certification Series as and receive a 15% discount.


APPI Equipment Level 1 & 2 is the prerequisite for this course.  To view our upcoming Level 1 course dates click here. 

This course is open to: Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Osteopaths, Sports Therapists, Chiropractors, Rehabilitation Therapists, Doctors, Myotherapists/ Massage Therapists, Physiotherapy students, Cert 3 Fitness Instructors and Pilates Instructors.  If you hold a qualification outside the above please contact us directly.

View our course venues around Australia here. 


In this video Cat Standing Front on the split pedal chair is demonstrated - one of the spinal articulation exercises covered during equipment level 3