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Face to face courses

APPI Ante / Post Natal Pilates Reformer

The APPI Ante Post Natal Reformer Pilates course is designed to equip students with reformer based exercises and provide them with the tools to aid exercise selection for this population using the reformer.

$ 880.00 inc. GST

APPI Pilates Instructor Certification

APPI Pilates Instructor Certification - Become a matwork & reformer Pilates instructor with the worlds leading Pilates teacher training provider, APPI!

$ 4995.00 inc. GST

APPI Ante/Post Natal Pilates

The APPI Ante / Post Natal Matwork Pilates course will cover the essential concepts of how to modify mat Pilates to be taught safely during pregnancy and the post natal period.

$ 760.00 inc. GST

APPI Matwork Level 1-The Foundation

APPI Matwork Level 1 provides rehabilitation professionals with essential, fundamental knowledge to begin offering modified Pilates to their clients

$ 760.00 inc. GST

APPI Matwork Level 2 - Class Instructor

APPI Matwork Level 2 is a unique course designed to give you the confidence and practical skills to teach groups and classes.  

$ 760.00 inc. GST

APPI Matwork Level 3 - Intermediate / Advanced

APPI’s Pilates Matwork level 3 is a direct continuation and progression of the exercises covered in our foundation Matwork level 1 course.  You will now experie...

$ 760.00 inc. GST

APPI Equipment Level 1 - Lumbo Pelvic Stabilisation

APPI’s Equipment Level 1 introduces participants to Clinical Pilates teaching on the large equipment with a focus on lumbopelvic stability.

$ 870.00 inc. GST

APPI Equipment Level 2 - Scapulo Thoracic Stabilisation

Equipment 2 continues to explore beginner and intermediate movements on the large Pilates equipment with the predominate focus being the upper quadrant.  

$ 870.00 inc. GST