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APPI Matwork Certification Exam

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Upon successful completion of the Matwork Levels 1-3 and your certification logbook you will be eligible to sit your matwork certification practical and theory exams. Once you pass these exams, you will become an officially certified APPI Pilates matwork instructor and enter an ever growing international community of APPI Pilates teachers. You can rest assured that the APPI name is recognised as being a leading Pilates qualification for health professionals throughout the UK, Europe, USA, South Africa, and of course Australian and New Zealand!

If you purchased Matwork Levels 1-3 individually, or if 12 months or more have passed since completing the series, you will need to purchase the exam.  If you purchase the APPI Clinical Pilates Certification - Matwork & Equipment or APPI Clinical Pilates Matwork Certification Series you exam fees are included in these costs.

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The theory exam is a 60-minute multiple-choice paper. This exam will be completed via the online portal. Please review your Matwork Level 1, 2 & 3 course manuals, anything in your course manuals is examinable. Please also review the recommended reading articles. Upon booking your Matwork Certification Exam, you will have access to the online portal and further information about completing the exam.  Please note once you log into the entry exam you are not able to re-enter at a later stage 

All students must pass a 30-minute practical exam based on the Matwork series of movements. 

The practical exam is via video submission.  Your video exam will be a structured 30-minute practical session, whereby you teach a partner a fluid and structured Pilates session, following the systems and sequences you have learned with the APPI programme. It should be a realistic session, so if you decide to teach clams, for example, you should do this on both sides.  You should provide a home exercise programme as well as general advice to your "patient" as part of this Pilates session, the way you would with any patient you were working with. Your exam shall be delivered in the following format:

Please begin the exam by delivering a brief piece to camera case history of your client, which should include:

o   Any relevant injuries or issues expressed by the client;

o   The main aims of the session (e.g. to improve mobility of the thoracic spine and increase general core and gluteal strength)

o   Your session must include exercises in at least 4 different positions and must address the entire body (you should choose exercises from all your APPI Matwork courses);

o   You will be required to begin by setting up the client using the 5 key Pilates elements/principles method and then progress as you see fit

o   The marking criteria and exact exam requirements can be accessed via the exam page of the online portal once you are enrolled into the exam

o   You will need to upload your session plan with your video - the exact details of how to do this can be accessed when you are enrolled into the exam and have access to the exam page through the online learning portal

The pass mark for this exam is 70%. Please note all exam retakes incur a $150 re-submission fee.  If you need to re-sit the exam, please contact us directly

How do I book the exam?

If you purchased your APPI Clinical Pilates matwork series as a package you should be already enrolled into the exam - in which case when you log into the online portal you will be able to view the exam page and all information on how to submit the video and case study template/session plan.  Please ensure you read all the information available through the portal.  If you purchased all three Matwork courses as a series but cannot see the matwork exam page when you log in to the portal under "my courses" please contact us at info@unitehealth.com.au

If you are booking each course individually, you will need to pay separately for the exam through this page.  As soon as you purchase the exam  

Once you have access to the exam page and you feel confident with the repertoire you can complete the practical and theory exam when it suits you. 

Remember to send us an email when you have completed the following:

  • Theory exam online
  • Uploaded your completed certification log book to the portal
  • Uploaded your case study template (session plan) to the portal
  • Submitted your video via YouTube

How long do I have to take the exams?

  • You should aim to complete your exams and upload your certification log book within 2 years of completing Matwork level 1.  If this is not possible, please get in touch with by emailing: info@unitehealth.com.au us directly for an extension.
  • You must be able to demonstrate all the exercises that you teach, so it is not recommended to complete the exam while you are pregnant or carrying any injuries.

What happens after I complete my exam?

Once you complete your exam requirements and upload your logbook, you can expect to wait 6-12 weeks to receive your marks.  Once you pass the exam you will receive an email with your certificate of completion and the APPI Matwork Instructor logo to use in your marketing materials to promote yourself as a fully certified APPI Instructor.

In order to maintain your certification, you must demonstrate that you have completed 8 hours per year of Pilates related CPD.  This can be through any reputable provider and can be a face to face course or an online course.

Watch this video of APPI Co-Founder Glenn Withers explaining the APPI Clinical Pilates Matwork Exam