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APPI Pilates & Small Equipment - Online

This online course is designed to add variety and challenge to your Pilates programmes by incorporating the Pilates circle and foam roller. Course includes downloadable course manual. Approx 6-8hr to complete. 

$ 200.00 inc. GST

APPI Pilates - All the Small Balls - Online

Enhance your Pilates teaching with this online course utilising the Pilates small ball, weighted balls and massage balls. Discover how these balls add variety, challenge, resistance, control and fun!

$ 200.00 inc. GST

APPI Reformer on the Mat - online course

During this online course you will learn a wide range of reformer movements which have been adapted to the mat using a Pilates tube or band. Course includes dow...

$ 200.00 inc. GST

APPI Standing Pilates - Online

Standing Pilates is an evolutionary method which advances the essential Pilates principles into more functional upright positions. This course introduces a theoretical 3D Standing Pilates model and teaches a series of 3D Standing Pilates movements to address balance, ROM, myofascial control and neural dynamics in standing. 

$ 400.00 inc. GST

Assess, treat & train the hip and pelvic complex - Online

Throughout this online course, you will learn to assess the hip and pelvic complex and take treatment from basic level rehab through to higher-level function. Approx 6-8hrs to complete. 

$ 200.00 inc. GST

APPI Pilates Stretch Therapy - Online

During this course you will to introduced to a comprehensive approach that includes stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation. The goals are grace and ease, and this is experienced as enhanced awareness and elegance in movement.  

$ 200.00 inc. GST

APPI Pilates for Scoliosis - Online

This dynamic online course is a mix of theory and practical sessions on the use of Pilates in the management of Scoliosis. Course includes downloadable course manual.  Approx 6-8hr to complete. 

$ 200.00 inc. GST

Online APC clinical exam preparation course - musculoskeletal

This course addresses the principles behind the delivery of safe, effective musculoskeletal physiotherapy assessment and treatment using appropriate clinical reasoning skills, to the standards set by the Australian physiotherapy council (APC).

$ 300.00 inc. GST