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APPI Pilates for Cyclists - Online

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The APPI Pilates for Cyclists Online one day workshop explores how you can use Pilates exercises to improve the skills, strength, and performance of cyclists.  On this course, you will review the biomechanics and key physical attributes for cycling, and discuss the typical injuries seen in cyclists.  This course will teach you how to develop a high-level cycling-specific Pilates program.


  • key aspects of cycling biomechanics and performance
  • the aetiology of cycling injuries along with their contributing factors
  • the role of Pilates in a cyclists training program
  • how to appropriately and effectively train a cyclist using the APPI Pilates method
  • how to use visualisation and other feedback techniques to enhance cycling performance
  • how to use functional matwork Pilates exercises to develop an individualised cyclist-specific Pilates program
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