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APPI Pilates Instructor Certification - 100% Online

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APPI has proudly certified over 50,000 Pilates instructors worldwide

The APPI Pilates Instructor Certification - 100% Online is our comprehensive pre-recorded course designed to ensure you have the guidance you need to become an outstanding, world-class Pilates instructor, all from the comfort of home! 

Our expert educators take you through an interactive and highly practical course that covers anatomy, matwork and reformer content that you can complete around your other commitments at a time and pace that suits you. 

This self-paced online course will equip you with the skills and confidence to teach matwork and reformer Pilates in both a 1:1 setting and group classes.

Course inclusions

Your course fees include:

  • 3 x 1 hour 1:1 mentor sessions online with one of our expert Pilates educators to solidify your online learning, so you can gain feedback in real time ensuring you have the confidence to sit your certification exams.
  • You will receive digital copies of your course manuals and logbook which will be available to download as soon as you enrol so you can get started on the content straight away.
  • 12 months access to the content from the date of purchase, so you can take your time to complete the course, fitting it around your existing commitments!
  • Certification exams (theory and practical) are all included in your fees.
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  • FAQs

Unite Health and APPI


Unite Health is the exclusive provider of APPI Pilates instructor training in Australia and New Zealand.  APPI stands for The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, and we have been educating people since 2000.


Our growing community consists of over 50,000 APPI Certified Pilates instructors around the world. Our training is internationally recognised in 21 countries and translated into 15 languages.


Course Overview:

Our fully comprehensive training covers both matwork and reformer Pilates and you will learn the anatomy and physiology required to become an outstanding Pilates instructor. Be guided by our Pilates teaching script, and be exposed to our unique surface anatomy practical workshops that bring anatomy to life.

We use the “Visible Body Anatomy & Physiology” App. The cost is approximately $59.99 and is an essential resource to have while you are learning to become a Pilates instructor.


Course Objectives:

  • Learn the anatomy and physiology required to be a competent Pilates instructor 
  • Learn the full repertoire of mat and reformer Pilates exercises from beginner to advanced levels
  • Learn the process of delivering 1:1 Pilates sessions
  • Learn how to provide innovative and energetic group classes (matwork & reformer Pilates)
  • Learn about the industry, what to expect as a new grad, how to start your own business and promote yourself 

To become a fully certified APPI Pilates Instructor you will be required to complete certification exams at the completion of your teacher training. There are 2 components to the exam, practical and theory.  You will also be required to hand in your completed Pilates certification logbook.  


Certification logbook

Your completed Pilates certification logbook is to be submitted prior to sitting your practical exam. Hours are:

  • 20 hours of observation (10 matwork / 10 reformer)
  • 40 hours of practice teaching (20 matwork / 20 reformer)
  • 60 hours of self-practice (30 matwork / 30 reformer)


Certification exams 



An online multiple-choice exam that covers the following topics:

  • History of Pilates
  • History of APPI
  • Classification of APPI exercises
  • Name of APPI exercises
  • The relevant choice of an exercise for a given goal


Pilates practical exam

Design a 45 minute Pilates session for a client of your choice including APPI matwork and reformer Pilates exercises. You will be marked on:

  • Introduction – the meet and greet procedure and introduction to the mat and reformer
  • Session planning – does the session flow in a structured way and allow the client to achieve the goals set out in the case study
  • The teaching of the Pilates exercises – introducing the reasons behind the exercise to the client
  • Demonstrations
  • Cueing – verbal, tactile, visual imagery
  • Energy and motivation of the voice
  • Safety

Following on from the exam you will be required to demonstrate exercises in both Pilates matwork and reformer to show your ability to perform the exercises to an acceptable level. This will include 2 exercises on the mat and 2 exercises on the reformer.

A 70% pass rate is required in both the theory and practical examinations.

We recommend completing your Pilates certification exams within 3-6 months of completing your course.

How do you become a certified Pilates instructor?

To become a fully certified Pilates instructor you must complete all course hours, logbook requirements and your certification exams. Your Pilates certification logbook hours include:

20 hours of observation (10 matwork / 10 reformer)
40 hours of practice teaching (20 matwork / 20 reformer)
60 hours of self-practice (30 matwork / 30 reformer)

How long does it take to become a certified Pilates instructor?

It can take anywhere from 3 - 9 months to become a fully certified Pilates instructor.

What does my Pilates certification mean?

Once you are a fully certified instructor you will be able to gain insurance to start teaching Pilates in studios and fitness centers. 

Do I need to complete a Certificate IV or Diploma in Pilates to become a Pilates instructor?

To become a Pilates instructor you are not required to complete a Certificate IV or Diploma in Pilates in order to teach. APPI Pilates Instructor Certification is internationally recognised and will equip you with all the skills, knowledge and confidence required to gain employment as a Pilates instructor.

Do I need anatomy knowledge prior to attending this course?

No prior anatomy or physiology knowledge is required to complete this course. Anatomy and physiology relevant to Pilates will be covered in-depth on the course.


How much money can you make as a Pilates instructor?

In Australia, Pilates instructors can make anywhere from $35 - $100+ depending on your place of employment and if you decide to set up your own Pilates business.  


Why choose APPI Pilates over other Pilates providers? 

APPI is an international education institute which means you can take your Pilates certification anywhere in the globe.  As APPI courses are designed by physiotherapists anatomy and alignment are key focuses in our teacher training.