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Online APC clinical exam preparation course - musculoskeletal

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This online APC clinical exam preparation course addresses the principles behind the delivery of safe, effective musculoskeletal physiotherapy assessment and treatment.  The course covers how to use appropriate clinical reasoning skills to the standards set by the Australian physiotherapy council (APC).  It is designed as a learning tool specifically for Physiotherapists preparing for the musculoskeletal APC clinical exam. 

Online learning includes a mixture of formats including a case study, video footage to review, and written tasks to complete.  

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  • Course break down

Lecture 1  How to prepare for the assessment day. 

This lecture covers what you will need to address in preparation for your assessment day.  You will be given some ideas on developing your clinical knowledge and skills, as well as the pre-assessment departmental visit. 


Lecture 2. Duration and reading time. 

This lecture breaks down the assessment day and documentation review.  You will be given examples of how to use your time for documentation review and hand over to the assessors effectively. 


Lecture 3. Patient time. 

This lecture looks at the importance of the subjective and objective assessment.  It will help you in developing an effective assessment plan. 


Lecture 4. Objective assessment, treatment, and goal setting. 

Here, you will learn about how to communicate clearly and effectively with your patient, as well as with the assessors of your clinical reasoning.